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**December & January classes now available**

Thank you for considering Dutch’s Firearms!  Your #1 choice for CCW certification in Kansas and Missouri.

With combined experience of 65+ years in Law Enforcement and Military and still growing, our instructors are eager to share what their real life experiences have taught them and teach them to you!

Each instructor strives to offer an educational, fun and safe environment to earn your Conceal & Carry certification.  And, of course, at a great price as well.  

To get more information and to sign up, please click on the corresponding link above for the state in which you reside.

    Welcome, we are military veterans, law enforcement officers, avid hunters and advocates for gun rights.  

    Dutch’s has been selected as the exclusive provider of CCW courses at Bass Pro Shops of Independence, MO.  

    We believe in your right to self defense.  This world is an increasingly dangerous place.  Every day we see more and more citizens having to use this God given right to protect their families and themselves.  

    Because we believe so strongly in YOUR right to defend yourself, we teach the most affordable CCW classes in the Kansas City area.