Getting prepared to take your conceal carry course?  Already have your CCW or CCH permit?  Or, need to feel more confident handling and shooting handguns?   We highly recommend a basic pistol and safety training class for those unfamiliar with pistols and shooting fundamentals.  This course is perfect for young adults on up.  This class includes both time in a classroom and range setting.  

Chris teaches these small classes so that you receive more individual and personalized attention.  

You will get a $20 discount on your CCW course through Dutch's if you take this course first. 

The course also includes AMMO, GUNS, HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION at no additional cost.

Safety for yourself and others is a HIGH priority - this class is a great investment.  Topics include:

  • Safety
  • Grip and position
  • Loading, unloading
  • Clearing stoppages
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Live fire 

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  • Private classes of 4 or more - available upon request!

**Note when paying you will be billed by 'Line of Sight - Firearms & Safety Training' - this is NOT for the CCW courses.  Sales are final.  We understand extenuating circumstances arise and will be happy to reschedule with advance notice.  Thank you for understanding.**

***Any additional questions?  Please email Chris at: (or)
Classes are $125. Classes are small in size (max 8) - designed to provide a valuable experience while offering you the fundamentals you need to be safe.

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--Other Important information--

Classes will start at 8:00am and last until 1:00pm (approx.). There is a 10 minute break every hour and time for lunch. Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to class.  Due to safety and range rules, please do not wear any sandals, flip-flops, high heels or any open toed shoes whatsoever in the range. For safety reasons, we suggest you bring a ball cap to wear during range firing, but it is not mandatory.