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I thought the CCW class today was awesome!  I really got alot ot of it and quite a few things I had no clue about; like the responsibilities and repercussions of using deadly force against another person.  Thank you and God Bleass America and all our military forces out there fighting for our freedom and right to bear arms.  

-Pat M
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking my CCW with Dutch's.  As a woman, I was treated equally as the others which isn't necessarily true in some cases.  

-Nathalie W

Thank you for the terrific class yesterday.  I learned a great deal about safety and use of firearms.  I appreciated your clarity and patience with a first-time firearms student.  Thanks!!

-Dianne B

I just wanted to thank you again, it was a very informative class and I learned a lot. I will definitely recommend Dutch's to my friends!

-Andrew F

I really enjoyed going to your Conceal and Carry Class! I've been shooting guns since I was about five years old and I was in the Air Force as a qualified Sniper - you can never learn too much safety.   Again I really enjoyed your class!

-Alan A.

I wanted to thank you for the great CCW class . Being a women, I found the instructors treated us equally and I felt comfortable in the male dominated class 21 males/2 females. Chris had a good sense of humor and the time flew by.  I would highly recommend Dutch's Firearms for any form of firearm instruction!  Dutch had a great setup for firing and checking out various pistols.  Thanks again fellas!

-Gwen S.

Peculiar, MO

Dutch's Team,

I just wanted to say 'thank you' all very much for all your help on Saturday.  You did an amazing and very professional job, while keeping the atmosphere very fun and laid back!  I appreciate all your time and hard work!!

-Michael W

Hey guys! I attended the class you had on the 14th of April at Bass Pro in Independence! That was some of the best instruction I have received! You guys ROCK!!! Just thought I would drop you an email and let you know that it only took a week for Clay County to get my background check done and I am now an officially licensed CCW permit holder! 

Thanks again fellas, and I am recommending your class to anybody and everybody who is in the market for their CCW!

-Jonathan R

On April 21, 2012 I took the Kansas CCW Course and Wally & Bud made me feel so at ease with understanding gun safety. Great instructors that I highly recommend.


-Mary Ann L.

I completed my CCW class today with Jim and Chris. I was very pleasantly surprised with how friendly and a wonderful experience it was. Being a female/hunter/gun enthusiast I am very use to the comments and jokes and concern at about classes I have attended. I have NEVER been to a class that I was so comfortable and treated with such respect! It is a wonderful class and I will recommend to all my friends! Thanks Guys!!


-Paula D.

Today I had my CCW class and at first I was nervous.  It was easy and very informative.  The two instructors we had were just so helpful and nice.  They took their time to explain all your questions and show you ways to be safe.  I would like to thank Dutch's Firearms for having great instructors.

-Melissa P.

My better half and I just completed Dutch's KS CCH training at Sneads BBQ.  What a wonderful value!  Special thanks to Wally and Chris for their engaged, knowledgeable and fast moving session.  Each delivered on Dutch's Firearms promise artfully.  Appropriate for all levels, novice to expert, these gents administered serious training and technical information in a safe, well controlled environment without being rigid or humorless.  Truly and outstanding service to our community!  

-Scott H.
Wally and Chris,
I really enjoyed the class yesterday.  Thanks for the expert instruction and if anyone ever asks me about CCH, I'll be sure to recommend Dutch's Firearms for a first class experience. 

-Kevin K.  (Overland Park, KS)